‘Should’ he or ‘must’ he? That is the question

President Donald Trump once again called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to shut down special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election sabotage. Sessions “should stop this Rigged Witch Hunt right now, before it continues to stain our country any further,” Trump tweeted Wednesday. Democrats call it an attempt to obstruct justice. But the president’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said Trump was not issuing an order: “He said ‘should,’ not ‘must.’ ” (Hey, this sounds familiar.) Trump’s tweet to Sessions comes at a pivotal point in the probe: Mueller is prosecuting former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort on financial allegations. In Day 2 of the trial, jurors heard about how Manafort paid for his lavish lifestyle, including spending nearly $1 million on custom suits and clothing

Obama reappears. And this time, it’s all business

Welcome back, Barack Obama. On Wednesday the former president released a statement endorsing 81 Democratic candidates across the nation ahead of the 2018 midterm elections. While Obama did not name drop President Donald Trump, he hinted at his dissatisfaction with the administration’s actions by outlining his plans to “lend his status” to help candidates who are committed to justice and shared opportunity. Obama has largely shied away from the public and politics post-White House (minus that time he was kiteboarding in 2017). Democrats are hopeful they can flip a net 23 seats in the House to take over that chamber this upcoming fall. 

Tales of bad behavior

Is it the heat? Is it a breakdown in civility? Whatever it is, bad behavior and temper tantrums seem to be running rampant lately. 

Millions spent battling deadly California blaze 

Not only does California have to wage a war against monstrous fires ravaging the state, but also the price tag that comes with it – $114.7 million. While notably less than the $758 million spent last year, the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection will likely burn through its $443 million fire-suppression budget in a matter of months. How bad is it? See for yourself in this exclusive drone footage of a Northern California neighborhood hit hard. In this video, fly into the burning heart of one of the fires with the California National Guard. The images are otherworldly.


Watch from the wings as California National Guard airmen help in the fight against the California wildfire that’s burned hundreds of homes and displaced thousands of people.

Whoops. The instructions for 3D-printable guns are already public

Turns out you can get blueprints form the Internet to make 3D-printable guns at home. Courts barred the plans from legally going public on Wednesday, but “the ship has sailed,” said the plans owner, Cody Wilson. He uploaded them to the internet a few days ago. What’s the big deal? The plastic weapons are difficult to detect and, with no serial numbers, impossible to trace. There would be no way to control sales to people who are felons, mentally ill, terrorists or domestic abusers. Wilson says there’s nothing illegal about giving the public the information they need to make firearms at home. What’s next? The issue goes back to court., starting with a hearing on Aug. 10.

U.S. war remains from North Korea headed to Hawaii

Remains handed over by North Korea to the United States last week were confirmed to be human and are likely to be American soldiers, U.S. officials said Wednesday. The 55 cases are being flown out on two C-17 cargo planes to Hawaii, where they will be met by Vice President Mike Pence, the son of a Korean War combat veteran.  After the remains are received in what is known as an “honorable carry ceremony,” they will be transferred to the Defense POW/MIA Accounting Agency’s lab, where they will undergo analysis to identify the individual soldiers.


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