President Donald Trump is once again threatening to intervene in the Justice Department if they fail to take the actions he’s demanding. At a rally in Indiana, Trump also continued his attacks on democrats and the media. (Aug. 30)

Donald Trump threatened to “get involved” in law enforcement decisions at the Justice Department Thursday, telling supporters at an Indiana campaign rally that the investigations into his campaign were “disgraceful.”

“Our Justice Department and the FBI at the top – because inside they have incredible people — but our Justice Department and our FBI need to start doing their job and doing it right and doing it right now,” he said. “Because people are angry.”


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Trump has stepped up his attacks on law enforcement agencies as a double-pronged investigation into his campaign has snowballed in recent weeks.

His former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort was found guilty this month of tax evasion and bank fraud for activities unrelated to the campaign. The same say, former Trump attorney Michael Cohen pleaded guilty to fraud and campaign finance charges and agreed to cooperate with investigators looking into hush-money payments made to porn stars.

On Twitter, Trump has lashed out against top Justice Department officials – including Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has recused himself from overseeing the investigations because he was an adviser to the Trump campaign. A special counsel, Robert Mueller, is leading the investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russian agents in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Just before leaving the White House for the rally in Evansville, Ind., Trump complained that the Mueller investigation was “illegal” but told Bloomberg News that Sessions’ job is safe at least until November

“What’s happening is a disgrace,” Trump said in Indiana. “I will get involved and I will get in there if I have to. Disgraceful.”

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